• The Singapore Group

    The LastMason Singapore Group has a focus on Smart Cities and Health Care.

    • Smart Cities are based on our modular communication tools and administration software
    • Health Care is supplied by our extensive research and development in the Biotech industry

    With offices in:

    Amsterdam, New Orleans and Singapore

  • Our mission

    LastMason aims helping your society, by making your City Smarter and Healthier with a focus on autonomy for the individual. Our goal is to be active in every major city around the world.

  • Bio Technology

    medical and cosmetic solutions

    The biotech industry is a worldwide rapidly growing market. LastMason has partnered with some of the best players in the USA and developed laboratory software as well as distribution channels.

    Commercial Solutions

    simple and smart by design

    LastMason started building financial and operational dashboards and over two years has evolved in building complete platform solutions. We own a proprietary communications platform and delivered numerous B2C solutions.


    serving societies directly

    For over two years LastMason has been solving communication and organisational problems for government bodies. LastMason has developed a proprietary modular social platform and has partnered with the best consultants.

  • A Custom Software Engineer

    With our custom software engineering approach we build software for others and for ourselves

    Building software for others

    LastMason Software Services

    LastMason has extensive experience in developing software for others. With our focus on Government, Biotech and Corporate solutions we have build social communication platforms, trading platforms, laboratory information management systems, printing platforms and more. We have a wide range of experience in guiding you through a discovery, design and development process. We are able to cut your project up in understandable pieces of information and guide the group to an amazing result. Read more...

    Our own Platforms and Trainings

    LastMason Ventures

    Our extensive experience in Government Software, Biotech Research and Corporate Solutions has resulted in two proprietary platforms and implementations trainings. LastMason knows the difficulty of change management and developed training courses to support change in Government and Corporate bodies. Our platforms both have an experienced dedicated development team working on improvements every week. Because of our great customer research we constantly get the best new features. Read more...


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